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Growth and progression in physical fitness training in all its various forms: strength training, running, cycling, bodybuilding, boxing, MMA, cross fit, swimming, pilates and more, requires recovery. Your body’s natural ability to recover mentally and physically from strenuous workouts is the foundation to building a body that performs better, that’s able to combat injury, defers the natural aging process, and of course makes you look and feel amazing. 

Granted that’s if and only if we make the time and effort to prioritize our recovery. We push as hard as we can in our workout regimens and physical activity, but often times the warrior in us wants to beyond our healthy physical limits, often neglecting this most critical process in one’s fitness, and body-decaying preventative initiatives. Easier said than done when your competition (whether real or perceived) never rests.

The key beyond our training is to control what we can control - which comes down to how we rest and recover, and what we put into our bodies. Why not utilize every resource we have at our disposal to gain that extra edge? This is the KEY to taking control, which is why we were inspired to use nature to combat nature with the right nutrition.

The talk of CBD, its usage and purported benefits has grown exponentially over the past several years. The hype around this misunderstood non psycho-active ingredient helping people from all walks of life is seemingly rising on a daily basis. Few times in history have we had such an effective natural ingredient unduly scrutinized due to its relation to marijuana and a general misperception by the public of what CBD actually is and what it does.

With the goal of attaining every safe and practical edge we can in our body’s recovery process, CBD’s potential recovery and pain mitigating attributes may fit perfectly to what we as athletes, wannabe athletes and those that are just seeking a more fit, pain-free and healthy lifestyle under our terms, need to look and feel the best we can at ANY age.

Our body is our temple and we need to feed it nothing but the absolute best. Our commitment at CBD Pure Nutrition is to use the highest quality, ultra-premium ingredients, naturally and organically sourced, in clinically efficacious dosages. We make products that we use, and use daily. No one in their right mind wants or has the time to take a dozen different pills, potions and powders to build and maintain a healthy body and physique, so we focus on products that carry a robust and comprehensive array of benefits.

Our forthcoming flagship product, RESULTS Recovery Shake, is a celebration of everything we would ever want in a healthy protein shake, utilizing an evolutionary ingredient profile sourced with natural ingredients and a flavor that is truly second-to-none. We believe it is purposely perfected and quite simply the most effective and premium workout shake ever made.

Our goal is to exceed expectations by over-delivering and bringing more value to our customers and our community, by helping you build your best body safely and naturally. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Team CBDPure